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Featured Programme this Month

Certificate in Workplace Delegation (CWD)

This Distance Cert EXEC programme has been developed by professionally trained and certified coaches and trainers. It guides you through the process of developing your effective use of delegation in the workplace.

By working though and completing our CWD programme, you will develop an understanding of what delegation actually entails, who can be delegated to, and how it helps with time management issues. You will also see how delegation supports you in a leadership role (whether you consider yourself a 'leader' or not, we all have times when we need to step up and lead), and how you can use it to motivate others.

Visit the dedicated CWD page to read more about the specific details. Or simply leave us a message and we'll get back to you shortly.

Remember, the beauty of Distance Cert EXEC programmes is that you determine the place and pace at which you study. We are here to accompany and support you along the way.

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