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Branding for longevity

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We've been working to create distinctive, eye-catching logos for our new company and the training products we offer. In this short post, I mull over what I've learned.

How to create an instantly recognisable, pleasing to the majority logo? That was what we were faced with when Ben and I embarked on setting up Distance Cert Ltd. We are trainers not designers, so basically, the results you see are what we like!

Design with Authenticity

The three logos were designed with connection in mind. Our views on learning and development connect us to our offerings - they aim to help our clients on their way to improved work and career opportunities. So our brand needs to give that sense of connection - despite the distance between us.

A logo is a period at the end of a sentence, not the sentence itself.” – Sagi Haviv

Getting our brand image right has been important, making our presence known in the market is key, but connecting with people who want we can offer is the priority. Over time - hopefully a shorter rather than longer length of time - our new logos will transmit our brand far and wide and we can get on with job of training and developing as many people as possible.

Let us know what you think. Join our Facebook group and start a conversation - about branding, logo-design, or even better, about the courses and certification programmes we offer!

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