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Certified 5S Professional (C5SP)

5S is a unique methodological approach that can be used as a tool for improving organisation, order and efficiency through a focus on everything having a use and place. Successful implementation of 5S in the workplace can increase productivity and personal effectiveness while reducing waste, disorder and stress. These concepts can be applied in production or administration and can improve both working and home lives.


Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)

The development and training of others is a key leadership responsibility as well as a role and career in its own choice. In order to develop, being an expert in a subject is not enough; we need to have the right approaches, tools, techniques, methods and structures in order to engage our participants and ensure the utility of our training and development.


Essentials of Workplace Professionalism Certificate (EWPC)

Workplace professional requires the right behaviours, skills and approach to work as well as understanding and adhering to a set of expectations, guidelines and standards. This is an essential part of the impression we give to others and directly impacts the trust others have in us as well as our prospects.


Certified Coaching Professional (CCP)

Coaching and being coachable are essential competences for the modern workplace. Coaching can be a form of development, a leadership style, an approach to communication and a workplace culture.


Crisis Management Specialist (CrMS)

A crisis is a sudden, complex and negative situation that leads to uncertainty and demands that leaders take decisions and actions within a short time frame.


Certificate in Workplace Delegation (CWD)

Effective workplace delegation is about much more than just passing tasks to someone else; delegation, when done well, can improve time management, clear time for others tasks, motivate others, make use of their skills, provide opportunities and more.


Certificate in KPI Usage (CKPIU)

Performance measurement is a key managerial responsibility as well as a useful source of information. Correct usage of KPIs and other related concepts can seem daunting. and requires the right knowledge, skills, tools and approaches.


Certificate in Analytical Business Tools (CABT)

When evaluating organisations or assessing feasibility of a planned project, there are various analytical tools that can be used to support and advance both our critical and creative thinking.


Certificate in Change Management and Leadership (CCML)

Successful organisational change requires both management in terms of resources, direction and procedures and leadership in terms of communication, vision and obtaining support.

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